A Post-Blog Guy Venting Session

It’s really crazy how a guy can make you feel so bad about yourself. I hate admitting the truth in that statement, but no matter how awesome, inside and out, I think I am, if a guy, especially one I really like, blows me off, all of that awesomeness can be swiftly broken down.

I’ve been really happy lately… truly happy. However, this past week I’ve been feeling really down on myself. This is because last Friday I had a very special date with a guy that I reallyyy liked. I think it would be better to start from the beginning…

Let’s call this guy AJ. AJ is a guy that I had met awhile back through a mutual friend. The first time AJ and I met we had this instant insane chemistry and attraction to one another. The only problem was that he had a girlfriend. Both of us were respectable and kept a fairly safe distance, although it was difficult to not be just a little touch-feely when we were around each other. Then he broke up with his girlfriend. Then we serendipitously ran into each other while he was standing on the wrong street corner to meet his friend. And then he called me (yes called, not texted) and asked me out on a date in the cutest way possible.

Sure, the date probably could have gone a bit better. I had just gotten off work for the week and was tired, I was bloated from Aunt Flo, I was pretty nervous (so was he), and I ended up getting too drunk. But even with allll that, the date was still better than most. Okay it was amazing. We had fun, we couldn’t physically control ourselves around each other, it was all very cute. The next day he texted me with a funny little message.

I think we all know where this is going… although I didn’t at the time. There was nothing. All week, nothing. I texted him a funny pic towards the end of the week and all I got back was very short, nothing answers. Nothing. There it is, the writing on the wall, the thing I, once again, did not expect to happen. And why would I, I’m off in fairy la la land, where sometimes things are too good to be false.

So it happened. But this isn’t about the guy, he is young and just broke up with a longtime girlfriend… and yes he should be out and having fun right now. No, this is about the fact that it killed my confidence for exactly one week, and how shitty that really is. It’s kinda sad when a great night turns into a blah week, but it happens. It may sound stupid… but if you’ve ever been there you know that feeling. And I think most of us have.

Hey, maybe it’s just the endorphins running on such a high that makes your normal levels feel like mass depression for a week after… like returning home from a really great trip.

This post certainly isn’t a how-to. I really just wrote it to vent. Honestly I wouldn’t know the first thing about turning that feeling off, besides to say to just not care. And at times you don’t care, it goes back and forth. But unfortunately, and fortunately, I’m one of those romantics who sometimes feels things too deeply. Now that I’m pretty much over it though, I really just think whatever, I’m fucking awesome and I know it.

The only advice I will give is to just try to remember that most of the time it really isn’t you. They just broke up with a girlfriend, or act like they’re two years old or whatever it is… Feel what you’re gonna feel, for a week. And then realize the real reason why this guy is unavailable, which probably has nothing to do with you, and then remember how fucking incredible you are. Because you are.


EMERGENCY!! I’m having an Instagram emergency!!!

AAAHHHHHH!!! One of my worst nightmares has come true tonight!! I was stalking a guy’s profile (namely the target of my last post) and I accidentally liked one of his pictures!!!! I repeat I accidentally liked a fucking picture… and once again, AAAHHHHHH!!!!! I suck at life. Disastrous… I was so proud of myself for not texting him back before, and now he’ll see that I also instagram stalk him. Wait, let’s make that past tense stalk-ed, because I will never go back there again!! He’ll also probably make his profile private after this.

He hasn’t said anything yet. Of course I “un”liked it, but it took me a second because of my heart dropping somewhere between my knees causing my hands to fumble the phone and go back however many pages, and then me contemplating whether to smash the phone against the wall, and then me having to go all the way back to that picture to unlike it (it sounds like a lot, but it probably took all of four seconds).

If he does text me something about it (because we all already know he won’t call) then I thought of an excuse. I’m gonna play dumb at first like “What?! No I didn’t like any of your pictures.” Then I’ll be like “Oohhhh maybee it was my friend, because I was telling her about what a ratard you were and she wanted to put a face to the name so I showed her your instagram, that I had seen before, and she must have liked one of them by accident”? I can’t tell if that response would make things seem better or worse?

Okay writing all of this has at least somewhat made me feel better. Has this happened to anyone else?? I would LOVE to hear some other horror stories… misery does love company after all ;p