Trying Something New…

How I feel in one word when I think of online dating sites: discouraged. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic… really, that’s not me at all! But eternal optimist and all, I go on them, and I would rather choke on spicy rice that ends up in my nasal cavity (that’s happened to me before and believe me, you don’t want that, it’s what happens in hell).

I just went on this one dating website, “How About We…”. This is supposed to be a “cool” website, like the one all the hipsters go on or something. Let me just tell you, I could literally not find A SINGLE guy that I liked on there. I know that I’m picky, but come on! I didn’t think I was THAT picky… and shouldn’t you be really picky when attempting to find the person that you would like to spend the rest of your life with. See, that is my problem! The pickiness factor, high standards, which is why I’m fairly positive that online dating is not for me. I mean, are you going to see a celebrity on an online dating site… yeah, and so what if I’m holding out for someone I would like to see acknowledged in the public eye :p

Once again, however, and forever the eternal optimist, I also happened to take a little peek on JDate recently… you know, being a Jew and all. The crazy part was, I saw more cute guys (that also sounded cool) on that website than any other! Was my sentimental Jew side getting the best of me?? I don’t know, maybe, but I thought why not try this one out. Oh because it costs money, that’s why. If I’m not even typically willing to try the free websites, there is no way in hell I’m paying to use one! However, I do know of two Jewish parents who would love nothing more than to see their only daughter end up with a Jewish guy, and would probably do almost anything to make that happen, least of all pay a little money for her to join JDate…

Okay, got both parents, and damn that was easy!… sheesh wish everything was that easy, new laptop perhaps, trip to Mexico?? Okay, onward and upward as I often like to say… let’s see where this thing takes us. I just hope I find at least ONE guy to go on a date with. If I don’t I’ll probably get yelled at by my dad for wasting his money. Thanks again pops!



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